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Volcanological museum of Vesuvius

The museum is sytuated in the historical site of Vesuvius, public scientific institution that operates in the field of geophysics and volcanology research. Keeps a collection geo-vulcanologic consisting primarily of samples of lava, rocks, minerals and volcanic ash between 1850 and 1944 stored in glass containers of the period. Interesting is a collection of stone project, many of which are calcareous. A section is dedicated to the geophysical instruments and keeps going back to the XVIII-XIX sec. (seismographs, sismoscopi, electrometer, pluviografi). Please note the electromagnetic seismograph by Luigi Palmieri of 1856, one of the earliest instruments which used electric current to detect and record earthquakes in addition to indicating the direction of the earthquake. Finally, you can visit an exhibition which presents a fascinating journey into the world of volcanoes, from the description of the various types of eruptions observation, in real time of the seismic and geochemical data recorded by the surveillance network of the Center.

Address: via Osservatorio, 14 - Ercolano; phone: +39 081.777.71.49
Hours: 10:00am to 1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday (to the public) - 10:00am to 1:30pm (to school children) from Monday to Friday
Admission: free

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*The admission prices are indicative.

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